Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vacation here we come!

Well, Denali is going on vacation. I guess I am too, I get a vacation from worrying. Denali goes to the rehab barn on Saturday. A million MILLION thank you's go out to Pia's mom, who offered to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to haul Princess to the barn. THANK YOU!!! That is one huge stressor off my chest.

She also reminded me of the Vit. E supplement that she gives Pia and I'm going to try that one instead. Seriously, our poor trainer is going to feel like she needs a Equine Science degree just to feed Denali. This one is a liquid, so it's just one more thing to add to her bucket of food. This Vitamin E has really good research behind it and I'm excited to see if there is a difference. It is also less money each month! Something finally that costs less money!!

Went out to see Denali. I really wish there was a way for me to show the way she looks at me. It's a look of pure love and trust, and it makes my day. She was happily munching away on her pile of hay and wasn't very excited to stop eating. I convinced her to take a break to get groomed. I put her in the cross ties to groom her and pulled on her tail as hard as I could, and nothing. She didn't budge. That's a good sign right? She'll still get x-rays next week to rule out being a wobbler. (Fingers Crossed.)

Talked to the vet that will be taking care of Denali. I have a bazillion questions, but I guess I'll have them answered on Saturday.

I also hired a new farrier. It's another barefoot trimmer, but I just want to try someone new. I really like my old farrier, but the last time Denali was really lame, and I just am not sure if her feet look the way they should. I guess think of this as a second opinion. I'm still super nervous. Super, super nervous!


Ashley said...

Don't be nervous! You are doing the best you can!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Denali is SO lucky to have such a wonderful owner caring for her and seeing that she gets the care she needs! Will be thinking nothign but good thoughts for both of you girls!!!

Miles On Miles said...

Ohhh, good luck with the new farrier-I think that can make such a big difference (good or bad, of course:).

Hope Denali's issues are nothing serious, but you're doing everything you can. Wishing strength for both of you!

Marissa said...

My fingers and Tucker's toes are crossed for you guys! I hope the move is a smooth one and all goes well with her treatment.

Gingham said...

Yay! field trip! I'll be sure that P doesn't know she's being left out..

You should try the tail test while Miss D is walking... it takes a BIG pull, but it's helpful.

Also, (obvi we'll chat this weekend), but good luck with the x-rays. I was one of the unlucky ones who couldn't see diddly from the actual xray and needed the myleogram to confirm a compression, but hopefully Miss D takes good bone pics :)

She's going to love her spa vaca.

Denali's Mom said...

Oh, I swear to ...., well let's just say that I will flip the !@#$ out if we can't see a clear view of her neck!!

I'll remember that tonight, give her tail a big old yank. Last year when I'd yank it, she'd definently react. This is an improvement!!

in2paints said...

Have fun Denali!!

This definitely seems good for the both of you. I hope the rehab center and new farrier do wonders for her. Hugs to you both!