Thursday, November 4, 2010

Me vs. 5 year old.... Me - 0, 5 year old - 1

Well. I'm back to officially being a horrible horse mom.

Monday I dreamed that I couldn't breath and woke up on Tuesday wheezing so hard I thought I was going to die (thanks, I haven't missed you for the past 10 years, but thanks for asking!)

Yesterday I got bashed in the head, either by a kids fist or he pulled the door closed on my head. I don't remember, but I do remember it really !@#$ing hurt. I think it was his fist.

Keep in mind he is 5...

I stayed at work and felt okay, just my head hurt pretty bad.

Today I woke up so nauseated and ill. I went to work, walked into my classroom and laid down. I guess I looked whiter than normal so my principal made me go to the hospital. (Because I LOVE the hospital, no, not really.) Nothing is broken in my head, but I have a concussion and bruising around my temple. (I knew this, but didn't have a choice in going.)

The nurse asked me if I was in an abusive relationship, stopped and snickered, and then said "at home." HA, yes between work and the barn I'm always being abused.

Saturday the Holistic Vet comes out... Here's hoping that Denali doesn't give her a head injury.


Becky said...

YIKES! Guess I can't complain about the emotional trauma my 5th graders made me endure today compared to that. Hope you're back to feeling good soon, sounds like a pretty nasty few days!

Laura M. said...

Sounds like the stress is really starting to affect you. Not fun at all. Lots of jingles and hugs that things start looking lots better soon!!!

Mrs Mom said...

You need to get the Holistic vet to look your head over ;)

Take care out there girl. Should we get you a football helmet and full body armor to wear to work now?

SprinklerBandit said...

Ouch. Concussions are no fun at all. Take care of yourself!