Monday, November 1, 2010

Mud Monster

Well, the Pineapple Express has arrived, I just need some rum to go with it and a swizzle stick and I'll be good to go!

Went to see mare face after an extra long day at work. I didn't go out to the barn yesterday, I slept in until 10:30 and laid around for hours because I was convinced that it was raining outside (and I was to lazy to actually open the curtains. I was wrong, but it still didn't inspire me to leave the house until 5 pm. We went to our neighbors house to hand out candy and that was the extent of my day! Ophie's mom and boyfriend came over and she brought me the card of a massage therapist who, get this, has liability insurance AND health insurance!! Still not ready to call someone yet...but have her card for when I'm ready.

It had rained buckets today. When I moved mare face into the stallion paddock, I knew that it didn't have the best drainage, and often puddled up in areas. Apparently mare face guilted the barn owner (not trainer) into buying some hogs fuel for her paddock. She was playing in the water, with that look she gets on her face and I guess he thought it was her depressed, I hate water look. Little does he know that she obsessively LOVES water and would play in it all day if she could. It should be drier by Wednesday.

She was CAKED in mud when I went to get her, and could break her away from her puddle play. We went into the barn to get ready. She was super antsy.

Mare + Water = Stagnant Mare

Stagnant Mare + Dry Arena = Nutcase of a Mare

Denali wasn't HORRIBLE. She had at least one foot on the ground at a time. That's good right? She looked really good from behind (long lining) when she was not being an idiot. She still tries to stop and roll mid-work. Bad trick! One good thing is that we have Long and Low totally nailed now!!

When we finished she was sweaty (from trying to take off cantering) and I tried to let her roll. No go, she knew that meant snacks, and she really wanted her snacks.

I took her stall and THOUGHT I closed the door while I went to get her carrots. I came back to her with her feet as close to the aisle way, and still be in her stall. She had this look on her face of "Um...Iz don'tz know where you went, but Iz stay here."

Good Mare!

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frizzlesworld said...

Thats too cute! My previous horse used to open his stall door [and the paddock gate!] alllll the time. We tried every thing under the sun and he would still figure it out. I'm glad your mare knows better ;)