Monday, November 8, 2010

Just another manic Monday

By now you know that Denali has a knack for injuring herself. Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's little.

Yesterday I ran out to the barn to feed the Warmbloods. You try explaining to them that the time changed, eek. I'm glad I thought about that and went out about 45 minutes early. They had only JUST started to have mini-melt downs. One of my favorites might be leaving soon, so I went to give him a big hug. He's a huge warmblood and amazing undersaddle. I'm sure his new owner will take him far!

After leaving the warmblood barn, I drove the 5 minutes to my barn to visit Ms. Slew. Apparently she didn't finish her breakfast, so I took it out to her in paddock. I repeated the same Matra that Ophelia's mom use to say to her, "Get Fat." Denali doesn't seem to like beet pulp very much. I put some cocosoya oil in with her left overs and mixed it up. That made her happier and she quickly scarffed it up. While she was eatting I scratched her head, it's her favorite spot. I felt a lump under her forlock and noticed that something was sticking out.

I put her halter on her and wrestled her head into my arms. Sure enough there was a lump and something sticking out. No one was at the barn so I got to try to keep her head still and also get out what I thought was a sliver. Nope, not a sliver. She some how figured out how to get a thorn stuck in there. How do they do it??

I have a meeting tonight but am hoping to make it out to see the girl and see how she is moving.

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Jay Jennings said...

If she doesn't like beet pulp pellets try the shredded beet pulp. It a little bit more pricey but mine don't like the pellets but do like the shreds. Plus, shreds only take 10-20 min to soak opposed to over night like the pellets.

Nice new look to your blog; I haven't been keeping up to date...